Opaskwayak Chief and Council

Leading, protecting and providing for seven generations

2023-2025 Chief and Council

Maureen Brown, Chief
Courtney Hester, Chair – Treasury Board
Edwin Jebb, Chair – Child and Family Services
Dale Knutson, Chair – Health
John Paul Martin, Chair – Lands and Natural Resources
Joel Pelly, Chair – Government Services
Savanna Henderson, Chair – Education
Justin Spence, Chair – Business Enterprises
Chris Young, Chair – Infrastructure

Opaskwayak Chief and Council’s  Purpose:


Our Forecast for the Future

By August 2023,

We are seen as working together on behalf of the community’s wellbeing.

We are setting an example for the community of working and living with respect, honesty, fairness, justice and strength. We are mentoring the next generation of leaders.

We are addressing the social needs of the community – based on the determinants of health, addressing trauma and the need for healing.

We have rebuilt relationships and created alliances that benefit the community.

We are approachable. All people can speak without fear.

We are socially progressive, using our culture to help achieve Mino Pimâtisiwin.

We are healing our community through cultural family-based community events and activities, by enhancing sports facilities and programs and by creating a family healing centre.

We are constantly improving the way we do business. We have a wicked powerful organization addressing the needs of the community.

We are building trust, removing barriers and supporting the branches to work together. We are asking staff about the supports they need to achieve the results we need.

Opaskwayak staff feel safe and supported to do their jobs. They receive clear direction from us and we listen. 

We are growing the community beyond investments, through existing initiatives, new business development and new capital projects.

We are working from an aligned long term land use, water, services, infrastructure and housing and waste management plan.

We work as equals at the Council Table. We sit together comfortably. We put our egos aside and work to find compromise. Everyone is heard and valued for what they contribute.

We are forward-thinking and open-minded, looking for knowledge and fresh creative ideas from each other, the people who work for OCN, and the community.

We respect due diligence. We are credible. We speak as a united council, as we, not me. We capture what was agreed upon, and agree on how we are going to communicate.

We communicate with the community at the right time, balancing respect for privacy and transparency. We communicate with membership using the right medium for different people.

These documents set Opaskwayak's governance and leadership table for seven generations. While individuals may come to this table with their unique leadership style, the principles upheld here remain strong. Together, leaders can keep building trust, and focus on advancing the vision of the community for Mino Pimatisiwin.
united cree leadership is
  • Open and Forthcoming

  • Based on Wahkotowin & Pasikonikewin (Kinship/Relationships and Mentoring) 

  • Collaborative

  • Inclusive

  • Progressive

  • Sovereign

  • Fair

  • Rooted in Cree Ways and Traditions

  • In Service of and Accountable to the Community, for Seven Generations